This blog is a collection of information to share, inspire and celebrate in health and wellness. We are practitioners of Chinese Medicine.  This is a medicine that sees the body as a whole dynamic force–Mind, Body, Spirit, and we are always looking at health from this perspective.  This means, nutrition, breath and emotions are an important component of health just as much as old injuries, sleep  and pain levels play a role. Chinese Medicine recognizes the connection of Mind & Body, of the seasons and our health and the flavor of our food and the impacts in our constitution.

One of our main vision’s at Joyful Living is: Empowering people to understand, sustain and celebrate their most vibrant health.  This means understanding what triggers the body to push out of balance, and what sustainable tools help us to shift back into a healthier place.  We are complex bodies, and yet some of the most effective tools are the simplest. We want to inspire you to utilize these simple tools and to learn more about your health and planet.  Living a life in more health and wellness, allows us to feel good, to celebrate how awesome these bodies really are and to express more of our heart driven goodness into this world.

Things you will find here: information about Chinese Medicine, acupressure, anatomy, meditation, making and using herbal medicine, inspiring plants, people and more. We want to share with you information that you can use at home.  And inspire you with how much your body can heal when we give it the things it needs and take time to turn inwards and listen.  Chinese Medicine is a huge wealth of information and we are honored to share it with you!  So, join us—we can geek out in herbs and anatomy and meditation together!

In Gratitude & Health,

Ashley Schiavone EAMP, LA.c., LMP

Ashley Schiavone EAMP, LMP

Ashley Schiavone



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